About Di Ronco • Tools

Design tools used in the construction and assembly of prefabricated houses mounted on floating platforms

About Di Ronco • Tools

Di Ronco • Tools is a fundamental part of Di Ronco • Industries, it is not a factory that saturates the market with repeated tools. It is a digital entity whose purpose is the thinking, design and development of tools used in the construction and assembly of prefabricated houses mounted on floating platforms.

What do we do?

We apply knowledge of anthropometry, applied biomechanics and other disciplines to the design of special tools and clamping devices. Our purpose is not to invent a wheel again, we just want to think about the tools in a different way, focusing on the person who uses it.

How do we do it?

Designing hand tools requires prior ergonomics analysis. It may be the case that this analysis highlights the need to use special tools instead of conventional ones, and generally this special tool does not exist on the market. The compelling reason, a priori, for not producing them is generally “economic” and another reason is “time”. Analyzing in depth, this is not always the case, and it is a proven fact that, if these tools were within the reach of the worker at the time of need, the productive benefits would increase considerably. The benefits also include the safety and health of the person who uses it, it is obvious, but sometimes it must be repeated, (an anatomical handle adapted to the task, reduces the number of operations and movements and therefore flexion and ulnar wrist deviation are reduced; motorizing a screwdriver is an obvious ergonomic improvement, it does not imply an excessive monetary cost and any worker will appreciate it).

Our commitment

  • Our commitment to safety. The ease of purchase and the wide variety of hand tools encouraged their use by most people. This familiarity with the tool adds a risk factor because it leads to forgetting its dangerousness if it is not used properly or if it does not have minimum safety requirements.

  • Our commitment to people’s physical health. An incorrect design and management of the tools produce muscular injuries that reduce the quality of life of the worker. This is very simple.
  • Our commitment to quality and sustainability we are part of a global company exclusively focused on creating solutions for people and respecting the environment. Planned obsolescence is not a conspiracy, it exists and is a bad practice, its purpose is to perpetuate the sale of products and keep people dependent on the objects they use, that goes against freedom; it generates an excessive consumption of resources and a lot of garbage. We want planned obsolescence to be a bad memory of the past. Specialty Tools are over-priced items, and we work hard to make them durable and not just throwaway consumables.
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